Classical statues turned into hipsters in fashionable

What is old is new again for these classical masterpieces turned hipster with Ray Bans, denim shirts and jeans.

French photographer Leo Caillard has added fashion to the mix for these centuries-old sculptures bringing them up-to-date in an amusingly good-looking way.

To create the Street Stone Series, Caillard photographed the statues, then photographed his friends in similar poses wearing trendy outfits.

Using some digital tweaking and photo retouching from French art director Alexis Persani, Caillard merged the two photographs to create the illusion that the classic figures are dressed in the latest fashion.

The result is a bizarre, hilarious combination of two completely different worlds.

Caillard says the purpose of the project is ‘to catch the eye of the beholder by the marriage of two worlds so different’.

Classical turned hipster: Complete with Ray Bans and checked shirt, this stone sculpture has been transformed by French photographer Leo Caillard


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