Roman Sakovich’s ‘Half’…Before And After Portraits Of Drug Users

Roman Sakovich born in 1986, studied photography at the Arts University College at Bournemouth (former Arts Institute at Bournemouth) graduating in 2011 and residing in London at the moment. The majority of his work investigates the development of an evolving post-Soviet society and the attendant cultural changes in a progressive world. Capturing it in the way he sees it, shaped by his multi-cultural upbringing.

The above portrait is part of London-based photographer Roman Sakovich‘s project, “Half,” which highlights the drastic physical effects of substance abuse. Sakovich has created split images that simultaneously portray an individual prior to and post addiction, leaving the viewer with a stark visualization of the damaging effects of drug use on our bodies.

The project was inspired in part by the experience of the artist’s own friends, Sakovich stated in an e-mail interview with The Huffington Post. In the series, he specifically focused on the dramatic change in appearance that a person undergoes while addicted to crystal meth. By showing the before and after images of the individual in the same frame, the snapshots reveal the Jekyll and Hyde nature of the psychoactive drug.

If you think the series was just an example of photoshopping trickery — you’re wrong. The unsettling images were created using talented make-up artists and costume designers. “These photographs are not a merge of two images into one,” Sakovich explained. “Instead I have used make up on one side of the face and kept [the] other side normal. With regards to styling, I tried to do everything in-camera rather than in post-production.”

The results are certainly chilling. Scroll down for more images of his work and let us know what you think of the series in the comments section.


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3 thoughts on “Roman Sakovich’s ‘Half’…Before And After Portraits Of Drug Users

  1. Really cool. One talented make up artist!

  2. amazing series. hell of a talented artist. thank you for sharing (.

  3. Roman’s photos make an excellent visual point about how drug use affects the abuser. I tried holding my hand up to the screen to block off one side of the person, then moved it to the left to reveal the other side. The contrast is even more chilling this way.

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